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1 Who searched for Shambhala in the Altai in the 20st century?
a- Sovjets, b-Nicholas and Helena Roerich, c-Indiana Jones, d-Baron Ungern-Sternberg

2 Which animal is protected in the Altai?
a-Snowleopard, b-Argali sheep, c-Wolf, d-Bear

3 The president of which country owns a datcha in the Altai?
a-Russian Federation, b-Kazakhstan, c- China, d-Mongolia

4 What, according to local inhabitants, caused the earthquake in the Altai in 2003?
a-  Tectonics, b-Angry Spirits, c- Oil drilling, d- People had no idea


Want to ask Arita what rain drops taste like in Paradise? What kind of rare plants she found? Can a camel really cross a river? What music instruments do Altaians play? Did she see a snowleopard? Write!


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